CCBPress and Gutenberg

WordPress 5.0 will be shipping with a new editor experience called Gutenberg, which is a dramatic change from the classic editor. Here’s a quote from the Gutenberg website.

Gutenberg began as a transformation of the WordPress editor — a new interface for adding, editing, and manipulating content. It seeks to make it easy for anyone to create rich, flexible content layouts with a block-based UI. All types of page components are represented as modular blocks, which means they can be accessed from a unified block menu, dropped anywhere on a page, and directly edited to create the custom presentation the user wants.

The Gutenberg Handbook

Our goal with CCBPress is to make it as easy as possible for churches to display content from Church Community Builder on their WordPress websites. Because of this goal, we are dedicated to creating many different blocks that will give you the control to display your data that you want, where you want.

The first phase of our Gutenberg rollout involves the CCBPress Core plugin. The following blocks will be available out of the box:

  • Group Information
  • Church Community Builder Login
  • Online Giving

Although these currently exist as Widgets, the block versions will have a few more features than their widget counterparts.

The Future

Obviously, we had to start our Gutenberg support with CCBPress Core. From there, we will add block support to the Events and Groups add-ons.

Screenshot of the block inserter showing the CCBPress Core blocks