Event Calendar

These are the settings for displaying the Event Calendar on your website. You can get to these settings by going to Appearance > Customize from your WordPress Dashboard and clicking on the CCBPress panel.

Display On #

This is the page where you would like to display the CCBPress Calendar. You must first create the page from the Pages menu of the WordPress Dashboard. After the page is created ,you may select it from the list.

Position #

This specifies where you would like the calendar to be displayed. Either above or below the page content.

Default Campus #

The default campus to show events from when the calendar is displayed.

Hide Campus Dropdown #

Checking this box will hide the campus dropdown on your calendar.

Support CCBPress #

By checking this box, the calendar will display a small note below itself with the words, “Powered by CCBPress”.

Colors #

  • Header Color
  • Header Text Color
  • Text Color
  • Border Color
  • Day Color
  • Current Day Color