How to migrate from standalone CCBPress to Church Data Connect

CCBPress and CCBPress Core are not meant to be running side-by-side. If you install CCBPress Core, please deactivate CCBPress.


Migration Steps #

  1. Download and activate Church Data Connect from
  2. Deactivate CCBPress.
  3. Log in to your Account to download your purchased add-ons.
  4. Upload and activate the add-ons that you downloaded from your Account.
  5. Visit Church Data – CCB > Settings > Church Community Builder. Verify your API credentials and check your API Permissions. (The API permissions have changed, so this is important)
  6. Visit Church Data – CCB > Settings > Data Import. Make sure that your initial import has finished running. If in doubt, click on Reset, then Import Now to run a fresh import.
  7. Visit Church Data – CCB > Settings > Licenses and enter the appropriate license keys.
  8. Visit Appearance > Customize > CCBPress and verify the settings there. There are some new options there that you will want to look at.