Upcoming Events Widget

The Upcoming Events Widget displays upcoming events from a specific group in Church Community Builder.

Widget Settings #

Title #

The title that you would like to be displayed above the widget. (This is optional)

Filter By #

Events can be filtered by either group, group type, or department

Display Events From #

Depending on how you are filtering, this will be dropdown of either groups, group types, or departments from Church Community Builder. You may select multiple items to create a custom list of events.

Theme Events As ___ #

You can choose either “graphical” or “plain text”. Graphical is more stylized whereas Plan Text is a bullet list.

Date Range #

You can display events from either today or weekly increments up to a year in advance.

Display Up To ___ Events #

This lets you decide how many upcoming events will be displayed.

___ Link To Event Calendar #

Allows you to show/hide a link to your Event Calendar page.