Honoring Church Community Builder’s New API Limits

Church Community Builder announced a few months ago that they would be implementing per-minute rate limiting for their API. On Monday, August 20th, 2018 these new limits will start to be enforced.

Today we release CCBPress Core v1.2.0

This release keeps CCBPress in compliance with these new rate limits. We highly recommend that everyone update to this version as soon as possible to avoid a service interruption when importing or retrieving data from Church Community Builder. Check your WordPress Dashboard to install this update.


  • Modified the import process to respect Church Community Builder’s new API rate limits.
  • Resetting the import while it is running will now stop the import job.
  • Changed the last import date to reflect when the last import started rather than when it finished.
  • Fixed a bug when checking if a form is active.
  • Fixed a bug when initializing the Chosen JavaScript library.